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Reasons why companies invest in SEO positioning

SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) is currently an essential tool for the visibility of any company. The SEO agency, an expert in Web positioning, points out how companies invest more and more in this strategy.
In an environment where competition is increasing, companies struggle to appear in the best positions of search engine results. Search engines, mainly Google, work with algorithms. These are based on two important factors: the popularity and optimization of the content of a web page.
The SEO is concerned, in general terms, to ensure content that is understandable to search engines, with presence and relevance. That is, it includes the optimization of keywords or keywords, the utility for the user of the content, the mentions and notoriety generated by the site, the brand authority and, a very important factor, the loading speed of the web.
But, what are the real reasons why positioning is essential in any marketing plan today?
Reasons why companies invest in SEO positioning, SEO Services Guru

Increase web traffic

The ultimate goal of SEO is to attract visitors to a website – if you are not visible to users, nobody will know your business. It is the tool through which search engines can understand what the content of a page and the utility it has for the user is.

More visits mean more chances of success

Quality traffic, genuinely interested in what a company offers, is the key to a successful business. In other words, web positioning is the path of a company to reach its potential customers. These customers are essential because they are the ones who will buy the products or hire the services of the company in question.

SEO is durable

A good SEO strategy is a key to reaping results over a long period of time. However, carrying it out is a long-distance race, a constant process that requires updates and adjustments. All this requires a mastery of certain skills. It is important that brands trust their positioning strategy to companies with a true knowledge of the sector. The SEO agency, with more than 10 years of experience, affirms that one of the keys to success is the specialization of those who design this strategy.

An investment with greater profitability

Before the digital environment was an opportunity to publicize business, the focus was on the marketing we call today offline. This type of advertising focuses on those media that allow a brand to reach large numbers of people. An example would be an advertising campaign on television or radio, which came-it comes-accompanied by a large economic outlay. However, the digital revolution opened a wide range in the marketing sector and made it possible to reach many people with greater profitability.
The benefits that are achieved with proper planning are long-term. Achieving a company to position itself organically among the first results offered by Google is a well-made investment with lasting results and, surely, successful.

Gain credibility

A company that is well positioned makes it a brand with credibility. The user instinctively relies more on a website that, in appearance, has a good reputation. This instantly transforms it into a strong brand, with quality content to offer. To be the best you also have to look the best. SEO helps companies to improve the user’s opinion of them. In other words, not only does it attract traffic, but it also improves the image of the company.
To demonstrate the importance of brand positioning we rely on some data that have to do with the habits of users who search the Internet. That the first results receive the highest number of visits is evident. The remarkable thing here is that the difference with respect to the inferior results is very striking.
First, the organic results that appear in search engines (that is, those that are not ads) receive 90% of the clicks. This means that users rely more on neutral results or not conditioned by specific interests. Within these organic results, approximately 60% of Internet users visit the first three results. The first, yes, is usually the most successful, with 33%. In contrast, only 10% of those who search go to page 2 to visit the results it proposes.
This evidence demonstrates the importance for any company to invest in SEO positioning. Because, in summary, if you’re not on the first page of Google, you may be invisible.

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