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How to make good link building strategies

To this day, the rules of the game have changed, and carrying out poorly planned Link building strategies can do a lot of damage to your business. If you do not want that to happen, do not miss this article in which we will give you the keys of the Link Building that you should include in your SEO strategy. Keep reading!

What is the Link Building?

Link building is a fundamental SEO strategy when positioning a website. The main objective of the Link building strategy is to increase the authority of a domain or page by generating links directed to it.

The algorithms of most search engines such as Google are based on SEO factors on-site and off-site SEO when positioning a website. These, account for the use of internal links, i.e. those links directed directly to our site, or back links, links from our site to another. However, we find other factors that also influence the positioning, such as the anchor text of the link, links follow or no follow, brand mentions or the links generated in social networks.

In the end, the purpose of carrying out this type of strategy is based on the fact that when searching, most people only look at the first results that appear in the search engine. Therefore, our goal when positioning is to appear on the first page, since the user does not see the second page of results, much less the third or fourth.

How to build good link building strategies?

When we do Link building strategies, we do it to get our website positioned through the generation of links. But … What interests us more, write posts on other blogs with a direct link to our site? Or put a link in the post of another? This will depend on each one and what we hope to achieve with these links. Here, we show various actions you can take to get make strategies Link building perfect.

link building strategies

Guest Blogging

We are not facing the super boom of blogs: most websites have space where they share content related to their services and products. In this way, they seek to stand out from the rest. Many of these accept posts from external collaborators of the company to gain prestige and position themselves as a reference company in the sector.

But it is not worth writing any post and try to strain it in the first web that we see. The purpose of Guest Blogging is to get quality articles and links. Therefore, it is important to search by themes, that is, to find out which blogs fit in with our activity. Once the investigation is done, we try to reach an agreement with them.

There are tools such as Semrush , Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer of MOZ, which allow us to have a close view of authority or popularity (the equivalent of PageRank that is not currently visible) of the site in question. The higher this is, the more interested we will be in having a post or a link in it.

Link Baiting

The link baiting technique has to do with attracting links organically through the creation of high-value content. The mechanism is simple: do you want to guarantee that your website is in the top positions of the search engines? It offers quality content that adds value to users.

The content can be of the type you want: tutorials, infographics, solutions to problems, use guides … The only condition is that it is original, relevant and novel. The important thing about the link baiting is to get a large number of users to link content from our site because they found it interesting. In this way, we achieve that they share us, and therefore, increase our visibility and positioning.

link building strategies

Social Link Building

The Social Link Building are all strategies or tactics that run on social networks to bring traffic to a web page. Without a doubt, being present in these platforms is fundamental to guarantee our visibility. But it will only have a positive effect on the positioning if it is done correctly.

It is not worth being present in all the social networks that exist, much less publishing content that is not very valuable and without thinking. What we should do is conduct a study to see which networks are the most appropriate for us.

This medium is, without discussion, an ideal place to share any content and get interaction from users. Therefore, it will be a key factor when it comes to guaranteeing the organic positioning of our site.

Attention to the links

It is important to get all those companies or media that mention us, also link us. If this is not the case, we recommend contacting the company, medium or person, and obtaining that link. This will undoubtedly help in the positioning of our site.

On other occasions, we find ourselves in the opposite case: pages of poor quality or with a low level of authority or even considered SPAM have linked us. It is clear that having a link on these pages does not give us anything, and may also harm our link profile. Therefore, what we can do is contact them to remove the link in question.

Link to depth

Another exciting link building strategy is to use the deep links for the internal pages of your website with the keywords you want. It is not a good idea to focus all your link building efforts only on your home page. You must also do it on the other relevant pages of your website.

Linking to depth will also help the old pages of your website. That’s why it notifies search engines about these pages and makes them think they continue to be relevant. In this way, the benefits in the search results will increase. The good idea is to try to get at least one number between 5 and 15 links for all the pages on your website, and thus in a short period, the internal pages can get positioned for different keywords.

Errors that you should avoid in your Link building strategies

Prioritize quantity over quality

Previously, the more incoming links received a better-positioned page was. Currently, it is not worth more a useful link than a hundred bad, is that a hundred wrong end up hurting the popularity of the web. Getting only useful links is no longer optional in the Link Building. Search quantity before quality, it can be assumed that if we bet on the same anchor, it will be translated into a Link-Bomb that can hurt us a lot if Penguin catches us.

Use the wrong means

Many of the media that were used before are no longer useful. And with this I mean links directories, article publishing directories, bookmarking and other automatic or semi-automatic publication media that do not contain their content. Extreme caution must be exercised in this regard.

It is also important that we take into account that if our project has been underway for a few years, it is very likely that we will have a large number of such links and we should eliminate them as part of our Link building strategies.

Do not take into account the format of the link and the naturalness of the anchors

Years ago, a very used technique consisted of taking out a WordPress theme or any other CMS and placing the links with the desired anchor text in the footnote. This today is not recommended for SEO Positioning, nor should you do it in your Link Building strategy. Currently, what works are the links located within the content: with related context and SMO resources that facilitate the virtualization of the contents and the link in social networks.

The variability in anchor-text is also an important factor that will prevent us from massively incorporating the target keywords and thus refuse the Link Bomb. If today you use “kitchen sales,” tomorrow uses “kitchens for sale.” This will make search engines trust you because by using different synonyms, you will not be seen as a spam site that always uses the same words to get good results without really offering any quality content. The key to the anchor text is naturalness.

Viralize infographics without text

Although infographics are an excellent source for web links and social mentions, they must be accompanied by a related and independent text by each medium. In this way, we will avoid receiving a massive amount of links without related context, something negative that must be taken into account even if it gives us much more work in development.

link building strategies

Do not think about Branding

SEO, and also Link building strategies, have to be oriented to generate Branding. For this, it is necessary to develop positive contents about the brand and integrate them into the anchor text of the links.

Ignore the complexity of Link building strategies

Currently, we must bear in mind that the Link Building is no longer only focused on web links. Nowadays, to achieve a positive impact on the increase of organic SEO, it is also very important to take into consideration the social mentions, the visibility that the brand achieves in those networks and the shared links. We have already said it before, and we reiterate it: it is essential that our Link building strategies include actions on social networks.

As you can see, the digital world changes constantly, and it is very easy to make mistakes: the algorithms are updated quickly, and an SEO professional must adapt continuously to keep abreast of the latest trends. If you do not want to stay behind and want to learn how to perform effective positioning strategies, sign up for our Master in SEO and Web Positioning in Search Engines. You will achieve that both you and your business are much more competitive and productive.

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