8 Writing tips for blogging beginners, SEO Services Guru

8 Writing tips for blogging beginners

If you look back on your first texts as an experienced blogger, you would prefer to delete one or the other post from the Internet. Some would probably prefer to sink into the ground when reading his first works.

But don’t go to court with yourself too hard. The beginning is hard. Finally, you have to gain some experience. It is not for nothing that practice makes the master.

So don’t be discouraged if you’re not really happy with your blog posts. You don’t have to be part of a writing course or be part of a content marketing team to become a good blogger (but it certainly can’t be harmed). You can also perfect your writing style online; maybe even this blog post can serve as your first resource.

In this post, we present you eight helpful writing tips that we have gathered from various writing courses and our experience in content marketing. They are designed to help you captivate your readers with easy-to-understand, concise and compelling content.

8 Writing tips for blogging beginners, SEO Services Guru

8 Tips for writing easy-to-understand, concise and compelling content​

The more superfluous words and phrases you omit, the more understandable a text becomes. Don’t talk around the bush for a long time and get to the point quickly.A concise text comes in a few words and can be read quickly and effortlessly.If you are looking for automated help, you can use a tool such as the BlaBlaMeter to purify text passages.
A sentence that should be clear and understandable should only contain one main idea. However, authors often make the mistake of wanting to express them as chosen rather than conveying information in a simple way. This often leads to complex sentences that can cause confusion among readers.Keep in mind that in most cases your readers do not arrive at a chosen language. Users only want to find solutions to their problems as quickly as possible and simple set structures meet this requirement.
To formulate a meaningful sentence, you must see it in relation to the surrounding sentences. Avoid using the same word choice in two consecutive sentences, or addressing similar thoughts in two different sentences (redundancy). Vary your choice of words and avoid repeating content to make your texts more appealing to your readers.Using tools such as Open thesaurus, you can replace excessively frequently used words with matching synonyms.

Variety lies in the nature of man. Not only short, medium and long sentences complement each other, even simple and intricate sentences form a good combination.

Texts in which all sentences are identical and of equal length seem monotonous and boring. Different sets of sentences make your text a pleasant read.

As a general rule:

  • Keep an eye on the record length and make a change.
  • Resolve excessively long or nested sentences.
Cliches frequently used quotes and phrases, or similar hackneyed phrases and phrasings undermine the originality of your content.Some phrases are used so often that they lose their real meaning. According to some studies, the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for emotions, is not activated in the case of excessively frequently used phrases. These phrases do not leave any particular impression on the readers.Ask yourself about clichés and phrases if you have heard them before. If so, try to find a fresh, unconsumed formulation. Using a tool to search for speeches, you can banish worn-out clichés and phrases from your texts.

Writers who understand their craft are telling their stories so that readers can immerse themselves in the narrative. They describe concrete details that address the senses of the readers and can only bring a story to life with words.

Participants were asked to read metaphors describing the texture or structure of an object. Researchers observed their brain activity. Metaphors such as “he had leather-like hands” showed a much higher activity in the sensory cortex, which is responsible for the perception of the tactile. For similar sentences as “he had strong hands”, the sensory cortex of the study participants did not react.

“Leather-like” is a concrete detail that addresses the sense of touch. This helps readers to shoes into a scene that the author describes. Using metaphors, readers can imagine situations by comparing a concrete image with an abstract idea.

Pragmatic writing and creative writing are fundamentally different. But nothing speaks against using a language in blog posts those appeals to the senses.

8 Writing tips for blogging beginners, SEO Services Guru

Are you like this, too? If you think of a nice formulation for a paragraph or sentence, your ambition is awakened. You want to stick to it at all costs, even if it doesn’t really fit into the text. We often find it difficult to drop supposedly good ideas.

However, sections or sentences that do not contribute to understanding the subject of a text, provide new information or arouse interest in further reading, are ballast and tarnish the view of the essentials.

It only helps to delete superfluous text and start over. Of course, it is difficult to publicize beautiful formulations. However, if you do not have any benefit for the readers, you should not bite it.

Has it ever happened to you that you have read the final version of a text so often that you did not know in the end whether your article is good or bad? If you work on a text long enough, you will eventually succeed, even if that is not the case.
Therefore before you consider a text as finished, you should first take a break from work. Take a distance and work later with a fresh head width. It will be easier for you to find bugs that you have missed so far and to discover new creative possibilities.

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