What is SEO positioning and how does it work?

What is SEO positioning and how does it work?

Perhaps you have come here because you have heard the term SEO and are looking for information, or perhaps you have a business and have read that “SEO is your salvation” Do you have few sales and want to increase them? Do you have a website and neither the Google robot to browse it? Whatever the reason you have come this far does not matter, what interests us is that when you have read this article you know a little more about this wonderful world called SEO and how it can help you in your company .

We want to be transparent and clear on this topic, if you are looking for example Sydney SEO Agency you will get thousands of companies dedicated to the same thing. But what difference is there between each of them? We cannot tell you that, but we can explain what seo is in an easy and simple way.

We are going to start to know a little more about SEO , but … What does this word mean? To know its origin we have to go back to the first search engines, which emerged in the 90s. During these years, different search engines emerged, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing … and its function was to facilitate the search for users of other pages. webs.

These¬†search engines¬†sent most of the traffic to the rest of the websites (personal, companies, businesses …) so they began to make reflections and statements as if I improved my¬†SEO positioning¬†in the search engines and therefore increased my visibility, I will have more visits and therefore more sales.¬†And that’s how SEO started

What is known as SEO?

We know SEO with the abbreviations to search engine optimization, this aptitude is one of the most changed in recent years. These changes are linked to major updates made by the search engines themselves each year to improve the response they give to their users.

We highlight that the main and most used search engine is Google , followed by Yahoo and Bing , so we could say that SEO is focused on optimizing the websites so that you are achieving better positions in the Google search engine, since it is the one that We are most interested in it due to the large amount of traffic it moves.

The updates that Google makes in your search engine are constant, every day it makes small modifications that influence the search results, and every so often they release a more important¬†update¬†called ”¬†Google core update”¬†which makes people who tremble tremble. They dedicate to SEO because they do not know where their website will appear tomorrow.

Google is a hermetic company, this means that there is no information about these updates, when they will be received, much less what changes the updates make.

One of the most important changes that this search engine received were the great updates of Penguin and Panda , which changed the way of understanding SEO so far. With all this information we do not want to scare you, but we do tell you that SEO is constantly changing and what is valid today, perhaps in 1 year it will still be valid, has changed or is no longer useful.

What is SEO for in a company?

Business  SEO or business SEO is a way to get customers organically through a search engine. They try to create sales channels through Keywords related to a product, so that all of these finish the final product or service.

Doing a good SEO we will be able to make sales without any investment in advertising, since the client will only come to our website, because they will be looking for information about a product or service because they are interested in acquiring it, and upon entering our website, which will already be aimed at the final conversion will go into that sales tunnel and quite possibly I ended up converting.

What factors influence when positioning a website in a search engine?

This is the big question of the million and the only question that nobody will ever be able to answer for sure, there are many factors that influence the positioning of a website, and there are many premises to follow to improve the positioning , but nobody has the exact key to position in the first position, since said key does not exist.

Search engines try to give the best answer to the user’s question , so the search engine itself must consider hundreds of variables to present the best results. To get an idea, the search engine considers the user’s location, previous searches, age profile, previous searches, etc.

If we have to talk about two factors that SI can be considered and are important for positioning they are: the relevance and authority .

  • The relevance is the direct relationship of the displayed page with the search term by the user. The search engine must understand if this website is related to the search, if it is specialized in said content or is a multi-topic website, if this website really gives the user what they are looking for or is simply doing keyword shuffling ( repeat hundreds of sometimes a keyword to improve the positioning, before it didn’t work anymore )
  • Authority is the popularity of this website. Search engines understand that a website with a high degree of popularity, will make your content valuable and therefore will show it above other websites.

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