Why You Should Better Reconcile SEO And Search Engine Advertising?

Search Engine Advertising

Whether a company relies on organic coverage or paid ads on Google often seems like the pure taste. However, both channels should not be used arbitrarily and optimized. and running SEO and Search Engine Advertising in parallel, without matching the measures, leaves unnecessarily potential. This article shows why – and how you can benefit from the benefits of both channels.

Free vs. paid traffic-a wrong alternative

The idea of free traffic, which then fills the cash registers, order books, and shopping baskets, is tempting. But also the switch to shift (Google AdWords) for though paid for immediately measurable hits has its appeal. And both thoughts are treacherous because of:

  • SEO is not a channel for free clicks. Every step in the optimization costs time and money, even if “free” rankings do not disappear immediately in case of success.

  • No one increases sales, sells, wins leads, or builds a brand because at once, Google ads will cause more visitors to stumble on their own page.

Both ways for more overlays and traffic via Google cost money and tie up resources. This hurts less when both strategies-SEO and Search Engine Advertising-pull together.

After all, they complement each other perfectly-both work best with content and landing pages that add value to the user, make them curious and motivate them to act.

Search Engine Advertising

Overcome differences and find common ground

Venue SEM: The One arm (SEO) relies on sustainable successes, the other (Search Engine Advertising) to immediately measurable results.

If you look at the goals behind each campaign – sales, generate contacts, brand strengths – don’t mind making a landing page fit for both the ranking and paid ads, or to fire successful articles with Search Engine Advertising.

Many companies that rely on both paths, however, separate the locations strictly from each other-often result are double effort and playful potential.

Why does the cooperation between Search Engine Advertising and SEO experts often not work?

  • SEO experts simply have other things in mind that Search Engine Advertising pros – although they both actually have a point of intersection: the success of the advertising company.

  • As a result, landing pages for the Search Engine Advertising are often created without any thoughts on the rankings.

  • Online content and pages for SEO are also almost always created without the option to be supported by traffic via Google ads.

For example, projects often run as a lead campaign: in order for sales to have more qualified contacts, many companies create landing pages for lead generation that will work based on traffic from Google ads.

On the other hand, it is a smart SEO tactic to build with editorial content such as blog articles reach and turn readers through appropriate CTA into interested parties.

Often the following happens: for both locations (landing pages and measures for the Search Engine Advertising as well as means for organic coverage), experts are commissioned, who from here pursue their own defined professional goals.

  • Both are about the right keywords first. But the paths are already separating: The AdWords expert knows that if the bid is appropriate, it will likely generate traffic to those keywords.

    Now, for example, he needs to figure out how many clicks are possible with which keywords on the budget and what landing pages and content are needed.

  • The SEO expert focuses his analysis on keywords with the highest possible search volume with the greatest possible relevance and chances in the ranking.

    It usually establishes a concept of how relevance can be produced at all. “Strong” backlinks, “good” content and often technical optimization need to be.

  • In addition to the creation of landing pages and strategic content, the Search Engine Advertising and testing in parallel. At the beginning best with as much traffic as possible, so that early valid data on the campaign services come about.

    The right ad texts, budget distribution on campaigns, groups, and ads as well as matching landing pages are the theme.

  • The result: Both sides gain valuable data and insights, but usually do not get much of each other with their actions. Perhaps the Search Engine Advertising professional has now found a landing page version and matching ad content that leads to conversions at the acceptable cost? Meanwhile, the SEO may already be celebrating its first ranking successes.

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Many SEO agencies are saying to this day that they are not actually dealing with conversions. Traffic is the focus. Now the Google AdWords Agent has no traffic problem but is measured by the conversion successes. On the other hand, it is often enough for the SEO-entrusted to ensure neatly free clicks. In the best case, both works more or less satisfactorily.

Interim conclusion:

  • It is rarely the case that a blog post that has been proven to generate rankings and traffic and leads to leads is also enhanced with AD traffic.

  • In addition, landing pages for PPC campaigns are often not indexed on Google. Even after successful A/B testing, the lead generation pages often remain island solutions and Google does not index them.

What seo learn from Search Engine Advertising?

Keywords and conversions data: The Search Engine Advertising team knows which keywords convert what content as well. As a result, SEO could take arguments and content from the lead landing pages and integrate it into onpage seo.

Empirical successes in SEO transfer often are interesting in the SEO Shorthead keywords because of their high search volume-tail-keywords are considered more specific. But from the Search Engine Advertising, you can derive tail combinations that are proven successful keywords for optimization.

Specialists from the SEO experience, for example, that the term “garden scissors to fruit baumschnitt” leads to more sales than “garden scissors for refining”-provided that the same onpage content and openers in the form of meta-descriptions (Search Engine Advertising texts) and Meta titles (AD titles) are used in optimization.

What works in the Search Engine Advertising should also be ranked?

If a landing page brings leads or sales, don’t mind indexing them too. For this, AdWords and SEO teams need a common database and coordination. In addition, it often needs to be defined where the AdWords landing pages can be placed on the website. So for example on the blog or as part of the navigation.

Precise user signals like click-through rates per URL and keyword are missing in the SEO too often. Insights from AdWords campaigns can be a help in times of anonymized keyword data in Google Analytics.

What Search Engine Advertising can learn from SEO content that has proven to be useful in SEO are inevitably relevant. And the fact that users can find relevant information about a company also has a significant impact on branding and increasing the awareness of a company as an authority in addition to lead generation.

Especially from the point of view that organic top rankings are getting less and fewer clicks, the idea is to bring popular content to the man via paid ads on Google. To create additional branding effects and authority over the prominently placed ads.

Search Engine Advertising

The often very extensive market and competition analyses from the SEO can also provide the Search Engine Advertising with other topics that are suitable for bids.

Especially in collaboration with content experts, Search Engine Advertising specialists can uncover niche topics that are still seldom filled with competition and blessed with low click Prices in the paid Google ads.

The conclusion to reconcile Search Engine Advertising and SEO must create a common keyword base. What works for paid ads also needs to be used for SEO. Conversely, the Search Engine Advertising can learn from positive user signals and relevant content from SEO and better align its actions with user needs.

Because Google ads also quickly attract visitors, the Search Engine Advertising can be a first-class test lab for SEO. Not utilizing insights in the SEO that lead to success in parallel in the Search Engine Advertising is nonsense and is obvious to bold potential in many inbound projects.

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