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The power of the link building in SEO positioning

Today links remain the star positioning factor. These are the safest and most reliable strategies to generate them

The link building is one of the most effective SEO Off Page actions to work on the positioning of your brand.

The construction of links in external media turns out to be a reliable technique for companies to improve search engine positions for business keywords.

By having links that point to your website, Google interprets it as being a reference in a specific content . And this relevance increases based on the authority of the environment that links you.

There are those who think that the link building is buying links and that anything is worth it in order to obtain a link, but the reality is a bit more complex.

Link building: buy links? and something else

Naturalness is a key issue when it comes to getting links , and something that is increasingly being lost more with the democratization facilitated by marketplace sales.

Today there are numerous platforms that allow the insertion of links in exchange for financial compensation. It is the easiest and most comfortable link building, although Google is already beginning to detect it , and there are many means that have had to stop this sale for penalties.

In addition, exclusivity is also important . If your company is linked in a medium in which all links are purchased, the authority that transmits will be less.

Although the purchase of sponsored links is an action that you can use in a timely manner, there are other techniques that will allow you to obtain the full benefits of link building .

Secure Link Building Strategies

1. Guestposting

Publish content for free as a guest author on a blog / medium that is related to your target audience. It allows you to position yourself as an expert in a sector and also add a link in the content.

2. Press releases

Generate news, study, event? Make it newsworthy and share it with media that you may find interesting . If you get their attention and publish your press release, you can always ask them to link to your website.

Be careful to include the links in the press release itself: if many websites publish it in full, you could build a suspicious link pattern. Better add the URL as plain text and give the media the option to include it naturally.

3. Social networks

Social networks are a perfect communication channel to connect with your users and also allow you to place links to your brand.

Typically, companies and serious projects have profiles on these networks, so take advantage of them to get mentions of your domain and gain extra visibility and traffic.

4. Profiles in forums and blogs

It is a very common technique, so you should not abuse it. Generate profiles in vertical spaces related to your theme . In this way you will give your links profile naturalness and create new brand mentions.

Many times we wonder how many links are good to give authority to our brand. And, although it is true that having many links can be good, the really important thing is in the quality and not in the quantity, as well as in the actual traffic that those links send .

Are all links good?

No, not all links are good.

And even a link that (apparently) seemed good, can change with a penalty in the middle, for example.

It is important to monitor the evolution of the links obtained , as well as those that appear naturally because they could be spam or toxic links. And, in these situations, we must act as soon as possible and generate a disavow .

As for the attribution, the follow will always be the best attribute for your links , since this means that the medium transfers authority to your website. However, the presence of nofollow will also be necessary to give credibility to your link profile and not raise suspicions with Google.

A ratio of 70-30 between follow and no follow links would be a good starting point.

In any case, as of March 20, 2020, Google will only consider these tags as mere suggestions of the webmaster, and it will be the search engine who decides what value to attribute to each one.

How to know that a link is good?

Many times common sense can make you want or discard a link. However, to implement the link building in your business you have to take into account a number of aspects in mind:

  1. Your audience. The first thing you have to do is create a list of media that fits your brand. The more related it is to what you offer, the better . And it is that the thematic relationship-domain authority is more important than just looking at the authority.
  2. Analyze the domain. It is obvious, but it is not so rare that it is overlooked. With the right tools, analyze the authority of the page and the domain . In this way you will know the quality and reliability of the medium, as well as get an idea of ​​the scope of the backlink.
  3. The content you want to publish. As much as the medium is perfect, if your content is not good, it does not convey confidence or naturalness, forget it. Create content that inspires dissemination naturally.
  4. Text anchors and URLs. It is one of the most important aspects, because that is where the link will point. It must be related to the content and not abuse the home and brand name, or the same services . It has to be correctly distributed.

Work the link building periodically on your brand, but don’t forget the rest of the content strategies to improve your positioning. In the balance and quality of your work will be the key to your success.

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