Keys To SEO Positioning

Keys To SEO Positioning

The viability of an internet business is a mixture of the contribution of value to its customers, but it is also thanks to the techniques used to boost search engine positioning, main search channels and interaction.

SEO positioning is part of the most popular digital marketing strategies. In general, they have a low cost of implementation -which can be scalable, according to needs and results-, and today there are professionals in an SEO agency in Sydney who can help you understand what are the keys to SEO positioning and how positively affect the performance of your internet business.

Mobile first and responsive design

One of the metrics that has grown the most in recent years is that of browsing through mobile devices, mainly smartphones , and to a lesser extent, tablets.

Therefore, a key to understanding SEO positioning is to give due importance to mobile browsing.

In short, if your website is not designed to respond to the boom in mobile browsing, which is no longer only used to search for information but also to make purchases of products and services, you simply will not have possibilities to improve your current position in the seekers.

The Mobile First concept , or design intended primarily for mobiles, easily adaptable to larger screens, is one of the best results for SEO positioning.

In the same way it happens with responsive design , which without being directly mobile -as the AMP format could be- offers superior usability to the usual pages that you will see on the internet, because it automatically adapts to the size of the users’ screens, providing them comfort without losing an iota of the resources available on your website, which are what ultimately represent you as a brand.

It is very easy to have a web page adapted to the new times. The Mobile First and Responsive design are two ways you can get service by hiring a web design sydney, for example.

Keys To SEO Positioning - SEO Services Guru

All the technical details of SEO On Page

The incidence of usability and design factors, as you have noticed, is very large in current SEO positioning. Despite this, this does not indicate that the elementary technical criteria of internal SEO positioning have lost validity or influence.

Therefore, all SEO positioning work will inevitably go through completing the basic SEO requirements that make your website attractive, not only for Google, but for visitors themselves.

• The right keywords: The number of corporate, small business and gigantic international web pages is incredible, the content of which is not aimed at positioning any keyword. The number of sites that rank the wrong keywords is also surprising, generating little or no impact on their internal SEO positioning. Google takes into account the words that you publish on your website , relates them and associates them with your brand, with what you offer and what differentiates you from the competition. Can you say what those words are that link everything your company or brand does?Those are your keywords. On the internet, you will find multiple tools to determine which keywords are the most correct to implement in the internal positioning of your site.

• A friendly URL: The URL tells Google what your content is about. Therefore, keywords should be included in it, avoiding articles (the, the, the) or prepositions (and, with, from, to). Forget the automatically generated URLs or slugs , and customize this little aspect to improve positioning.

• Meta tags: the title and description is the only thing that Google will see in the first instance. If the correct keywords are on both tags, the chances of better ranking increase exponentially. Otherwise, Google’s search robots will in the first instance dismiss your website.

• The site map: or sitemap , for technical purposes. It is a file in XML format that stores all the URL information of your website. It is, in short, a content index. When Google indexes this index, your chances of ranking increase ; Although in many sites such as those made with WordPress, it is an easy resource to activate, there are many pages that do not have a correctly configured site map.

• Quality content: attractive titles, a logical and healthy HTML structure (H1, H2, H3, bold, italics), a number of words that never drop below 500 for each content published, and that amount according to the complexity of the topic. to share with your audience, and the interest it may have. And of course, prioritizing the usefulness and relevance of these contents, rather than the desire to viralize low-quality information, will be the pillars of your Content Marketing strategy , one of the most important in addition to all the technical actions you will need.

The loading speed of your website

In recent times, as with mobile browsing, the loading time of a website has become quite important, in terms of SEO positioning.

It is easy to measure, there are pages that take care of it, and every second counts. The longer a user must wait to read your content, view your services or review your products, the less chance you have of Google positively evaluating your website.

The techniques used to improve the loading speed are detailed in a specialization of the Denver seo service called SEO Services Guru, which means optimizing the performance of a website.

Databases full of unnecessary code, raw images, videos uploaded to the server itself, many calls to the server or abuse of CSS or JavaScript, are among the main causes of slow loading, which is not well regarded by Google or by the users.

Improving SEO positioning implies taking into account certain keys. The best thing is that they are complemented by good habits, such as the commitment to the quality of the content or the personalization of these so that they are useful to users; while on the other hand, there is the work of professionals in the sector, who will help to reach the top positions quickly.

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