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Content marketing for corporations

A group has a different target audience, different goals and a different budget. While a small webshop has a scarce media budget and statements such as “we have no funds left for this” represent everyday life rather than exception, this is going in the opposite direction for corporations. This article is about a part of Search Marketing – Content Marketing. In particular, reference is made to content marketing for corporations.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to improve the rankings of your own website. This is done through backlinks, which, however, are always embedded in an informative article and must offer the reader added value. Otherwise, the link is almost worthless and most likely will not affect the ranking. 

However, an inclusion in a real link list, for example, the partner column with a service provider, would be another way of linking. This article covers Content Marketing, where the text around the link plays a central role. This discipline of offpage optimization differs from classic and now outdated link building.

So content marketing combines backlinks with content and puts the reader’s value into focus. How can a corporation implement this discipline and what does it matter?

content marketing

The internal structure and task distribution

A group is completely different in structure than a 20-man company. Due to the company structure and the large number of employees, it should be remembered that there are special responsibilities. If a  content marketing project is to be  implemented, this is the division of teams. Different tasks have to be distributed and done:

The preparation and topic selection : Should an e-book be created or would you prefer a blog series with different coordinated contributions? The topic must be current and relevant to the reader. This process can take several days.

Copywriting or Content Creation : Who creates the content? Can the content be created internally? The contributions must be technically sound and factual. The texts may not be taken over by other content. Not even if this content was created by the group itself. If these are already online, Google sees another publication as Duplicated Content and in the worst case, offends the website.

Making the content known : In order to achieve this, another team is needed that contacts editors and webmasters and draws attention to the content. In addition there is the coordination and coordination of the interests between webmaster and corporation.

The available media budget

This results in what can and can not be done. Creating and distributing an ebook requires a larger budget and more time than two advertorials per month. The costs of an e-book campaign are divided into several parts:

The Workforce of Your Own In-House Team : The team working on  Content Marketing  can not fully perform other tasks temporarily.

The team working on  Content Marketing  can not fully perform other tasks temporarily.

External service providers : The competences for professional photos, the layout design and a corresponding implementation on the website, may not be found in the own group. In order to receive a professional product, external partners may have to be included in the budget.

Objectives and duration of the campaign : This point contributes significantly to how much budget must be planned. Depending on the desired scope and objective with regard to the number of links, there are other budget spreads.

content marketing

The target group

Corporations can have different target groups . The  focus of content marketing  for corporations is quite different here and must always be in the focus when creating the content. Some companies target both private and business customers. Here it is advisable to either carry out two different campaigns or to serve only one of the two groups. If the company has a pure B2B or B2C targeting, it’s easier to find a topic and the appropriate scope.

Content Marketing for Corporations – Conclusion

 So in order to implement a  content marketing for corporations in the form of a campaign different means must be provided and responsibilities clarified. As with other projects, there must always be enough staff, time and budget. Otherwise it is doomed to failure.

The  content marketing  is a good way, user interest and backlinks to unite and provide a sustainable content.

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