Use Instagram Shoppable Posts – Selling on Instagram

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Influencers understood it very early, companies moved to Instagram is no longer just a platform to share beautiful images, but a marketing channel on which products can be ideally marketed. 5 hundred million active users, of which 200 million visits at least one company profile every day, speak for themselves. The social network reacted to […]

What content marketers can learn from Buzzfeed

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Buzzfeed is still often ridiculed for his questionable journalistic quality. However, what is often overlooked is that the media portal has achieved groundbreaking success with its concept of shallow entertainment. Since this is not a mere coincidence, conscientious marketers should ask themselves the question of what lessons can be learned from this for their content […]

Search Engine Advertising

Why You Should Better Reconcile SEO And Search Engine Advertising?

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Whether a company relies on organic coverage or paid ads on Google often seems like the pure taste. However, both channels should not be used arbitrarily and optimized. and running SEO and Search Engine Advertising in parallel, without matching the measures, leaves unnecessarily potential. This article shows why – and how you can benefit from […]

inbound marketing for eCommerce

How to integrate an inbound marketing strategy into the e-commerce sector?

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No one can ignore the presence of e-commerce giants like Amazon or eBay, or the emergence of platforms dedicated to artisan products such as Etsy, because these companies have very large marketing budgets and visibility on the engines of Unmatched search. Despite this apparent hegemony, a trader can optimize his digital presence and ensure the […]